Top StarCraft® II players from around the globe join the toughest IEM event yet
Players have been decided, brackets have been created. Welcome to the Ro76 of IEM World Championship Katowice.

With the online qualifiers concluded, as well as the Ro24 groups drawn, the time has come to unveil the StarCraft® II player list and completed brackets for the Ro76 taking place in the ESL studio in Katowice, Poland. A total of 64 top players will compete for the 12 available positions to move forward into the Ro24 group stages. And... Well, we are in for some intense matches...

The bracket


How were players selected

Players from around the world were accepted and seeded through their results within the World Championship Series of 2017 with the most recent WCS 2018 results calculated for potential tiebreaker situations.

58 players were selected through their WCS results where the remaining 6 were decided based on previous IEM and other event results including aligulac ratings giving us out 64 players.

How were players seeded

16 seeding pools of 4 players were created using the system that gained players acceptance to the event with players of high WCS 2017 points seeded highest and players without WCS points seeded lowest.

Each tournament bracket (4) received 1 player from each pool through a random draw until the bracket was complete.

See you in Katowice

The Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice will be one of the biggest SC2 events ever, and a tournament no fan should be allowed to miss. With so many fantastic players set to compete, we have several days of world-class SC2 ahead of us. Prepare your emotions!

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