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   Ninjas in Pyjamas 2
   TCM Gaming 1
   Ninjas in Pyjamas 0
   Copenhagen Wolves 2
   SK Gaming 0
   Copenhagen Wolves 2


   Cloud 9
   Cloud 9 0
   Gambit Gaming 2
   The RED 0
   Gambit Gaming 2
   Gambit Gaming 2
   Fnatic 0
   Counter Logic Gaming 2
   Turquality Blue 0
   Counter Logic Gaming 1
   Fnatic 2

General Information

November 23rd - 24th

Cologne, Germany


ESL TV Studios

Siegburger Straße 189-193, 50679 Cologne



Ticket required to enter the studio.




Prize Money Overview


League of Legends



1st $18,500

2nd $7,500

3rd-4th $5,000

5th-6th $2,500


Total $50,000 (including travel support)


1st $17,000

2nd $8,000

3rd $2,500

4th $2,500

Total $30,000


StarCraft 2

No StarCraft 2 tournament is taking place in Cologne.

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